Migrating to the new version of Batchbook

If you're interested in migrating to the new version of Batchbook, we can help. 

All paid accounts are eligible to migrate at any time. We can work with your team to find the best time and day available. 

The Classic version of Batchbook and the new version of Batchbook are not an exact match, so be sure to read through the following for details on what is and isn't available in the new Batchbook. When you're ready to give it a try, let us know and we'll create a 'sandbox' version so that you can try it out with your own data, before making the final switch. 

What will migrate to the new Batchbook:
  • Contacts, Companies and their associated location information (phones, addresses, etc)
  • SuperTag information - renamed Custom Field Sets in the new system.
  • Tags
  • Communications
  • Attached files
  • Comments
  • Notes - renamed About in the new system. 
  • Users 
  • Permissions
What will not migrate to the New Batchbook:
  • Deals, To-Do’s, and Affiliations, currently can't be migrated from Classic accounts to the new version. They can be recreated manually in the new version. 
  • Calendar functions. We do offer an iCal feed to push to-do's to your current calendar system)
  • Google Sync. Google Contacts import is there, as is the single sign on integration via Google Apps.
  • To-Do Templates. We are exploring other enhanced to-do capability.
  • Due to enhancements in search functionality, Lists made in Batchbook Classic will not be migrated to the New Batchbook. You will need to re-create all Lists once migrated (either for demo, or the final migration)
  • Webforms. Native Batchbook webforms are not available in the new version - however, integrations with Formstack and other webform providers are available. 
It's important to note that not all integrations are the same in the new version as there is a new API for the new Batchbook. If you're using integrations in the Classic system you'll want to  make sure they are available in the new system. You will need to re-authenticate them once you make the switch. You'll notice we have a few new ones there as well. Also, if your team has built an integration specific to your company off the previous API it will need to be re-written as the API is completely different and there is not a current Ruby Gem available.


We hope you'll check out the new version of Batchbook!