Can I log e-mail communications?

Via E-Mail Forwarding ("Batchbox")

To forward, Bcc, or Cc e-mail communications directly into your Batchbook account:

Copy your Batchbox e-mail address by clicking the Your Account link in the header of any Batchbook page, and then clicking the E-Mail Settings tab.
From any e-mail client: paste your Batchbox e-mail address into the "To," "Bcc," or "Cc" field of the forwarded message and click Send. Your e-mail will soon be logged as an e-mail communication in your Batchbook account.
NOTE: Remember to Bcc Batchbox if you don't want your recipients to see the forwarding e-mail address of your Batchbook account.

Create notes via Batchbox:

Send an e-mail directly to: Batchbox only (no other contacts are Cc'ed and the email is not a forward). This logs a note in your account.

Manually Logging a Communication

Click the Log New Communication button on the Quick Add form, located in the sidebar of any page. Or, go to the Communications tab and click the Add button to access the same full-size form.
Select which type of communication you wish to log from the pull-down menu.
Add the relevant information.
When you are finished, click Save.