How do I create a web form?

Web Forms are created on the Lists & Reports tab. From there:

Click the Web Form button, and enter a form name, description, and tag (which is applied to contacts created with the form).

Click Save to save the form and proceed to the settings page.

To preview your form, click the preview web form button in the Web Form Settings section. Please note that you can also edit the landing page URL, tag, and notification e-mail in this section.

Optionally, you can edit your form fields to, for example, include SuperTag data. This is done in the Web Form Data section; click the blue edit pencil next to "Web Form Data," and check the box next to each field that you wish to display on your form, and then click the Save button.

And that's it. When form submissions start rolling in, they'll be waiting for your approval in the Contact List section, where you can preview them, import them, or delete them from your list altogether.