Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Customization with Tags and SupertagsWhat's the difference between a tag and a SuperTag?

What's the difference between a tag and a SuperTag?

A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a record that allows you to classify and easily search that record, such as "vendor" or "customer."

SuperTags take tagging to a whole new level. With SuperTags, you can assign a tag to a record, and also associate the tag with a group of custom fields. Say you've tagged a contact record as "friend." By making "friend" a SuperTag, you can add custom fields such as birthday, pet's name, favorite color, etc. That way, any time you tag a record with "friend," you'll have the option of adding this additional information. Then, you can conduct advanced searches and create reports on this custom data as well. Super, indeed! Click the Tags & SuperTags tab to start creating SuperTags.