How do I tag a record?

You can tag a record from several different locations and using several different methods:

  1. From the header of a record's detail page: Enter the tag name in the field to the left of the Add Tags icon and the word "Tag," and then click the Add Tags icon.
  2. From the hover preview: Hold your mouse over a record name to trigger the preview, and then type your tag into the tag field at the bottom. Click the Add icon to save your tag.
  3. You can tag several records at once on the various browse pages and from the Search Results page by selecting check boxes to the left of multiple records' names. This makes available "Batch Actions," which allow you to add a tag or SuperTag to multiple records at once. Select the action you want from the pull-down list that appears above the list of records after multiple records are checked.
  4. You can also add tags when you create a record via the full Add individual or company forms on Browse Contacts, or from the quick-add form, on the sidebar of every page.
  5. Tags can be added via CSV file imports as well.