How do I add a custom field?

We call custom fields SuperTags, so creating custom fields is simply a matter of creating a SuperTag

When you SuperTag a record, the custom fields you create for that SuperTag are placed on the contact's detail page

To turn an existing tag into a SuperTag

Go to the Tags & SuperTags tab and, in the Manage Tags table, click the SuperTag It! button.

This opens the SuperTag detail page, where you can choose what type of field(s) you want to add (text, yes/no, date, etc.). You can then add as many custom fields to a SuperTag as you want. Behold the power of the SuperTag!

Creating a SuperTag from scratch

Go to the Tags & SuperTags tab and, in the Manage SuperTags table, click the Add (Create New SuperTag) button:

Then, enter a name for your SuperTag, and click Save. Enter a name for the SuperTag, and select field type and style from the pull-down menus. Click Add another SuperTag field to do just that. Repeat until your desired fields have all been entered, and then click Save.