How do I add a SuperTag to a record?

First, you need to create the SuperTag.

Then, you can add an existing SuperTag to a record by entering the SuperTag name in the "Tag" field of the record's detail page and clicking Add Tags. You can either fill in the fields of the SuperTag in-line, or you can click Cancel to leave them empty or fill them out later.

You can also add an existing SuperTag when you Quick Add a contact from the sidebar.

To add an existing SuperTag to several records at once, click Tag or SuperTag Selected Items from the Batch Actions pull-down menu that appears on the Contacts, Communications, or Deals tab or the Search Results page (just click the check box to the left of each contact's name to trigger the Batch Actions).

To import SuperTag data along with your contacts, refer to this page, which contains information on using Batchbook's Import Template. This will ensure that your contact information and SuperTag data is parsed correctly into your Batchbook account.

SuperTags can only be added to Contact records and Deals. If you add a SuperTag to a Communication or a To-Do, the SuperTag will be saved however you will not be able to fill out the custom fields of data within the SuperTag. The SuperTag will save the same as if you applied the SuperTag to a Contact and left all the custom data fields blank. SuperTags when saved to Communications or To-Dos will still be reportable on Searches and Lists.