How do I edit a SuperTag?

From the Tags & SuperTags tab

From the Tags & SuperTags tab

On the Tags & SuperTags tab, in the Manage SuperTags table, click the SuperTag name or the Edit pencil. From here, you can edit the SuperTag name, description, or fields.

From a Contact

You can edit a contact's SuperTag fields right on the Contact Detail page. Locate the "SuperTag" box, and click the edit pencil to edit data for all SuperTags that have been applied to the contact.

Remember to press Save when you're done!

Batch Editing a SuperTag for Multiple Contacts

You can also edit several contacts' SuperTag data at once by using the Batch Actions feature that appears at the top of browse contacts or search results after selecting one or more records' check boxes. Click Edit SuperTag Fields for Selected Items from the pull-down menu.

If there are multiple fields in the SuperTag you have selected, PLEASE REMEMBER to press the "Do not update" button for any fields that you don't want to update.  If you don't press this button, and leave a field blank, any value that was previously saved to the group of contacts you selected will be wiped out, and replaced with no value!

As always, press Save when you're done!