How do I attach my custom fields to a contact?

We call custom fields SuperTags, so creating custom fields is simply a matter of creating a SuperTag. When you SuperTag a record, then the custom fields you created for that SuperTag are placed on the record's detail page, like so:

Once your SuperTags are created, you can attach them to a record by tagging the contact with that term. This can be done in a few different places:

1) Via the tags text field on a record's detail page header (note the Tag field in the image above).

2) From the Add a Contact form in the Quick Add section:

3) Via Batch Actions on the Contacts (shown below), Communications, or Deals tabs, and on the Search Results page. Check the box next to the desired records to cause the Batch Actions pull-down list to appear, and then select Tag or SuperTag Selected Items.

4) When importing contacts from a .csv file. As long as you create your SuperTags beforehand, then you can use Batchbook's custom import template to populate/edit contacts' SuperTag data. Read more about using the template here.