Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base To-Do ListCan I create multiple To-Dos at once?

Can I create multiple To-Dos at once?

Yes. Account administrators can create To-Do templates, which are groups of related To-Dos, on the Calendar tab.

All account users can apply templates by using the Quick Add To-Do form, located on the sidebar of most Batchbook pages. The Add Template pull-down menu is at the top of the form. When you choose a template from the menu, all of the To-Dos on the template will be created (and assigned to the account user of your choice) all at once.

Each To-Do in a template becomes "due" after a number of days (you determine this number) that the template is applied. Right now it's not possible to have tasks become due a specific number of days from the date that a previous task was due, or completed. However, you can change the specified due date and the task title when the To-Do is applied.