Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base DealsHow do I manage leads and Deals in Batchbook?

How do I manage leads and Deals in Batchbook?

To create Leads in Batchbook

- Use the SuperTag Library to add the For Lead Tracking SuperTag to your account.

- Customize the information you collect about your prospective customers by adding/editing the fields to the "Leads" SuperTag.

- Add the "Leads" SuperTag to a contact record and fill in the additional fields.

To view and manage your Deals on the Deals tab

The Deals tab is where you search your Deals, set viewing filters, customize the status levels and perform batch actions (reassign, tag or SuperTag, update status, or delete) on multiple Deals at once.

To create a new Deal:

- You can turn a contact into a Deal by clicking the "Create a Deal with this Contact" icon at the top left of the contact's detail page.

- You can turn several leads into Deals at once with the "Create a Deal" batch action on the main Contacts tab.