Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Contact RecordsCan I edit several records at the same time?

Can I edit several records at the same time?

Yes; we call this “batch processing,” and it can be done on the main Contacts, Communications, and Deals tabs, as well as on the Search Results page. Batch processing functions include:

- Delete

- Add a tag or SuperTag

- Untag

- Merge (contacts only)

- Edit SuperTag field

- Mark as done (To-Dos only)

- Procrastinate (To-Dos only)

- Edit permissions

- Add communications to a Deal

- Add contacts to a Deal

- Turn selected contacts into Deals

- Re-assign (Deals only)

- Update status (Deals only)

Follow these steps to begin batch processing records:

1. Check the box next to the name of each record you want to edit.

2. Choose an action from the Batch Action pull-down menu that appears above the selected records, and follow the directions from there.