Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Contact RecordsWhat's the difference between a Company location and a Work location?

What's the difference between a Company location and a Work location?

On an individual contact record, a Company location is automatically added if the contact's company has address information. You can't edit this Company location information on an individual's contact detail page; you need to go to the company's record to edit the address.

A Work location on an individual contact record must be manually added to the individual record, and it simply indicates where that individual physically works.

Company and Work locations may differ for any number of circumstances. A work location may be a branch of a main company location, for example.

If the individual record doesn't have a work location but the company that the individual works for has an address, you'll see the company location information displayed in that contact's hover preview instead. In the case where you may have some work information filled out on an individual record, but it is not complete (say the website field only), and we can find that same info in the company’s record, then we merge this data together to show on the business card view. With this sharing just imagine all the data entry you can now forgo, while still viewing useful work information on each individual's record.