Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Partner Integration - MailchimpCan I have an overview of the MailChimp integration?

Can I have an overview of the MailChimp integration?

Batchbook gives you the option to push to any existing lists you have created in MailChimp via a dropdown menu on the list detail page in Batchbook.

It is push on demand, so as your list in Batchbook grows you can keep pushing contacts from it when you want to. You get a list in Batchbook detailing every push you make to MailChimp and what list you pushed to. Also, opt outs are not overwritten by us. If a contact is opted out in MailChimp, even if the contact is in your Batchbook list, MailChimp will keep it unsubscribed. We just used this with our mail list and it worked well. Duplicates are weeded out as well by MailChimp.

One of the nice features of Batchbook lists is that they auto update. So, if you have a list based on a tag just keep tagging contacts as they come in, and when it is time to send an email blast just send the list over to MailChimp to update it there as well.

Please note: you need to make sure that your Batchbook account is Navy Blue, Deep Blue, Royal Blue, KingFisher or Indigo to take advantage of MailChimp integration or sync. You can upgrade your account at any time by clicking on the Your Account link at the top of every Batchbook page. Then, choose a plan under the Your Plan tab. Next, follow these steps for adding MailChimp to your account.