Can I get an overview of the MailChimp Sync?

Please note that we are currently unable to support any new MailChimp Syncs. Unfortunately, this Sync service has not worked as anticipated so we have removed it and are working on a complete rewrite which will launch as part of our upcoming rebuild. We will be unable to re-establish any MailChimp syncs that are disabled for any reason. The MailChimp Integration is still active and continues to work well.

The current MailChimp sync is a two-way sync of the following info from your Batchbook contacts and MailChimp List contacts:

Contact name



Edits to any of this info in Batchbook will sync out to MailChimp and vice versa.

MailChimp un/subscribe info is tracked in Batchbook with a SuperTag, which you create when the sync is set up. Applying the MailChimp sync tag to a contact in Batchbook pushes the contact to your MailChimp list; new contacts added to your MailChimp list will be added to your Batchbook account as well.

Campaign stats are housed on a handy Dashboard widget and on individual contact detail pages.

New Batchbook contacts synced over to MailChimp (and vice versa) will be de-duped by name and email address.