Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Importing and Exporting DataCan you share any tips or tricks to help my import go smoothly?

Can you share any tips or tricks to help my import go smoothly?

Sure! Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your import makes it into Batchbook with no trouble:

  • Use our Batchbook Import Template.
  • All columns in the file must have a header.
  • If you are swapping headers from our template to your file, make sure that all headers in your file match our template headers.
  • Be sure to have data on the first row of your file (do not create the file with a blank first row).
  • Keep your file to 5000 contacts or less (this makes the process go faster and is easier to troubleshoot if needed).
  • Each line in the file must include a first name, last name or company name.

If importing SuperTag information:

  • SuperTags must be created in Batchbook first before importing.
  • If you are importing into a SuperTag multiple choice field, then the data in your template must exactly match what is listed in Batchbook or you will receive an error.
  • If you are importing into an Assigned To field type, you must enter the users email address for logging in to Batchbook instead of the users name.
  • To override existing SuperTag information, choose Merge Use Existing on import.

Some tips regarding Individual and Company records:

We suggest that you do a small test import of 10 records or less to see how the data will import into Batchbook. If you include first name, last name and company name on one row in your file, the data will be separated between two records when imported into Batchbook. The company record will retain the business address while the rest of the information will go to the individual record. To ensure that all company information goes to the company record do not include a first and last name on the same row as your company record. If you import the company records first, you can then associate an employee to that company by including the company name along with the first and last name of the individual.