How do I import SuperTag data?

SuperTag data must be imported using a CSV file. You can either export a CSV file from Batchbook (see below) or download Batchbook's Import Template, which will have the SuperTag fields already in the header for you. You can then use this CSV file to import your data.

For easy step-by-step instructions for Excel or CSV files see Batchbook's Import Template guide.

To export a CSV file from Batchbook, which will include only those SuperTag fields that you need, first create a list from that SuperTag. Then, edit the List Data section to toggle all of the information you need, including specific SuperTag fields. Save your list changes, and then export that list as a CSV. Now, open this CSV file, enter your data, and re-import!

NOTE: If you're importing new SuperTag data to overwrite old data, then you must select Merge Duplicates and then Use existing data on import. This will ensure that your former SuperTag data will be replaced with the new data in the CSV file.