Classic Batchbook FAQs and Knowledge Base Importing and Exporting DataWhat happens if I import the same contacts more than once?

What happens if I import the same contacts more than once?

You can avoid creating duplicate contact records by checking either the Remove Duplicates? or Merge Duplicates? box on the Import Contacts form (on the Contacts tab) when you import vCards or CSV files. Batchbook uses a combination of first / last name and email address to identify duplicate records.

If duplicates still manage to sneak by you, then use the Batch Processing feature on Browse Contacts or Search Results (to trigger batch actions, check the box to the left of a contact's name) to delete multiple records at once or to merge two records.

NOTE: We will queue any import that contains 40 or more records. If your import is queued for this reason, you'll receive a message in Batchbook letting you know. We will also send you an e-mail confirmation when the records have been successfully inserted into your Batchbook account, which should happen in under five minutes.