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How do I use contacts from Batchbook in a Mail Merge document?

You can easily use a CSV file that you create in Batchbook to create a personalized letter, flyer, or other document using MS Word’s Mail Merge feature.

First, create your list on the List & Reports tab in Batchbook. When your list is done, click the Export CSV button, and then save your list as a CSV file in Excel (or the worksheet program of your choice). Then, from MS Word:

Directions for MS Word 2007

Directions for MS Word 2007
  1. Open an MS Word document and select the Mailings tab.
  2. Click the Select Recipients button. Choose to Use Existing List.

3. Find the CSV file you downloaded from Batchbook and click Open.

4. Use the Match Fields button in the Write & Insert Fields section in the top center to match the fields used in the mail merge to the fields you exported from Batchbook. When all desired fields have been matched, click OK.

5. Use the Insert Merge Field button to add specific fields from your Batchbook file into your Word document.

Directions for MS Word 2003

Directions for MS Word 2003
  1. Open an MSWord document and, from Tools, select Letters and Mailings: Mail Merge.
  2. Select Document Type: Letters.
  3. Under Starting Document, select Use the current document or Start from a template if you want to use a template.
  4. Under Select recipients, select Use an Existing List and browse to find your Batchbook CSV file.
  5. Select Table: click OK.
  6. Double check the Mail Merge recipient list to make sure it's as you want it, then click OK.

7. To add recipient information to your letter, click a location in the letter and then on the links provided. For address block, click the link and then select the information you would like to include. Click Match Fields to select the proper database field for each address field type.

8. Format the greeting line.

9. Preview your letters; you can make edits at this time.

10. Print.