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Where is my Batchbook account information?

Users can access account information by clicking the Your Account link at the top of any page in the Batchbook application. Here's what can be found under Your Account:

Email Settings

This is where you can turn your To-Do reminders on or off, change the e-mail address that reminders are sent to, and view, copy, and reset your Batchbox address. You can also opt to automatically tag any contacts or communications created by Batchbox here, as well as enable Batchbox to work with your Gmail and Google Apps accounts.


User Settings

This is where you change your login information, including opting to log in via your OpenID provider. You can also set a default time zone, choose international settings and date formatting, and view, reset, and password-protect your Batchbook feeds here.

Your Plan

This tab is available to account owners only. Here accounts can be up/downgraded, payment details both viewed and edited, and customized Batchbook versions (such as Marketing and Sales) enabled or disabled.

Manage Users

This tab is only available to account admins and owners. Here owners and admins can add, delete, or edit other users' account information, like login info or Admin rights. Account owners can also change the account owner here, if needed.