How safe is my data?

BatchBlue runs a secure, multiple-server environment that guarantees 100% network uptime. Moreover, daily backups are run on every account to minimize loss of data, and you have complete control over who accesses your data on your end via the Your Account link.

Our servers are hosted and managed by Rackspace, an equally customer-centric company and a recognized leader in the industry. Here's what Rackspace has to say about their extensive security measures:

"Rackspace Security is a powerful, fully integrated portfolio of services, managed devices and best practices - all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data.

Our portfolio covers all three critical security areas: physical security, operational security, and system security. Physical security includes locking down and logging all physical access to servers at our data center. Operational security involves creating business processes that follow security best practices to limit access to confidential information and maintain tight security over time. System security involves locking down customer systems from the inside, starting with hardened operating systems and up-to-date patching. Rackspace offers a full range of options to take system security to the next level."

For additional information on Rackspace's security measures and 100% network uptime guarantee, please visit their website.