What is Batchbook for Sales?

Your Account - Your Plan tab to add the Sales Feature Set

Your Account - Your Plan tab to add the Sales Feature Set

You asked for it, we built it. Batchbook now features the traditional sales pipeline that folks are used to seeing in a CRM, albeit in a leaner, cleaner way. Main features include a new user level called "basic user" so you have better control over who can access data (this is actually available site-wide), and a Calendar tab (also available site-wide).

Batchbook for Sales also comes with an additional tab: Deals. A Deal is a type of record that you can use to attach associated records to each other. For instance, a Deal can have associated contacts, notes, files, To-Dos, SuperTags, events, and communications. So, when you search for or browse to a Deal detail page, you can also view its related components at a glance. Deals can be searched, assigned to a Batchbook user, and included on reports and export files.

On the Deals tab, you can live-search, set viewing filters, create custom pipeline statuses, and perform batch actions (reassign, tag or SuperTag, update status, or delete) on multiple Deals at once.

How does Batchbook for Sales differ from the standard version?

The standard version of Batchbook does not have a Deals tab; the Deals tab displays only when the Sales version of Batchbook is enabled.

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