What is a SuperTag?

A SuperTag allows you to group similar records together in the same way that a tag does, with one important distinction: SuperTags not only tag a record with a certain word or phrase but also allow you to add additional fields and relevant information to that record.

For example, a flower shop owner might want to know what season certain nurseries are open, so s/he might add a "Nursery" SuperTag on all records for nurseries. S/he can then add a "Season" custom field to that SuperTag, along with any information s/he might want to track for each nursery. Or, a real estate agency might wish to add information about which hours properties can be shown and whether there are pets on the premises.

Click the Tags & SuperTags tab in the main navigation bar to start creating SuperTags. You can choose from a number of field types to create and further customize your SuperTag data:

  Text (long or short)


  Yes or No





  Recurring Date (monthly or yearly)

  Feed Reader

  Multiple Choice (radio buttons, check boxes, or pull-down menu)


  Assigned To

Check out the screencast showing off the power of SuperTags.

Example: Flower Shop

Example: Flower Shop

With a SuperTag, the flower shop owner can select to show which seasons a specific nursery is open.

Example: Real Estate

Example: Real Estate

A real estate agent can track property details, such as when the property can be shown and if there are any pets on premises.